Attract and keep clients: Everything you need to know about digital marketing for your law firm

Most law schools don’t teach marketing. If they did it would look like this on-demand video, which explains how your law firm can attract and keep clients with a marketing strategy that requires no outside help and little to no money to start. Don’t know anything about marketing? This webcast is for you! Invest in watching this video and save your firm time and money as customers magically find you and become clients.

This free, on-demand webcast is presented by Smokeball’s VP of Marketing, Chris Gerben, a digital marketer who has taught at NYU, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Michigan.

The on-demand video addresses:

  • How to launch a sustainable marketing strategy for next to no money
  • How to maintain your marketing efforts without hiring outside help
  • The five areas you should address in order to gain the most exposure
  • An easy heuristic for thinking about growing your firm into a brand

Now is the time to take marketing for your law firm seriously. Whether you’re starting a new firm or retooling an existing one, chances are your marketing efforts are getting little to no love. Spend less time and money, and get more results, by focusing on the essentials covered here.

Watch the webinar now

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Featured Presenter

Chris Gerben

Vice President of Marketing at Smokeball

Chris Gerben is the Vice President of Marketing at Smokeball. His digital marketing experience includes on-site efforts at the World Economic Forum in Davos, content strategy for Accenture, and content consulting with Apple and Facebook. 

Previously he enjoyed a career as a professor, specializing in social media, visual design, and public speaking. He concurrently teaches graduate courses at NYU, and has taught at Stanford, Notre Dame, and the University of Michigan.