Social Media Workbook for Attorneys

Chances are you already know the difference between a “tweet”, a “like”, and a “share”, but do you really know how to use social media to make your law firm more profitable? Learn how with our new "Social Media Workbook for Attorneys."

This free workbook covers:

  • How to define social media success (and why its unique)
  • The benefits of social media
  • Tips on the different platforms, ethics concerns and engaging users
  • Best practices through interactive exercises, quizzes and much more

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Featured Author

Scott Malouf

Scott helps other lawyers identify social media evidence, and resulting claims, in all phases of litigation and investigations. He also helps organizations use social media for business, advising on social media guidelines, policies, practices and crisis response. Scott is also an active member of the New York State Bar Association’s Social Media Committee, where he co-authored the Social Media Ethics Guidelines, an influential national ethics resource and contributed to the Social Media Jury Instructions Report. He also manages the Section’s Twitter feed and chairs CLEs.