Law + The Great Resignation: What's Next for America's Law Firms?

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COVID-19 and The Great Resignation delivered change and turbulence for the legal profession during the past two years. Firms grappled with booming client workloads, suddenly remote offices and new technology to help them deal with unrelenting curve balls.

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Smokeball wanted to know: How has technology helped firms navigate hiring, remote work and day-to-day cultural struggles in the past two years? We surveyed 150 firms with 30 or fewer employees to find out.

This free survey includes:

  • How the pandemic + Great Resignation of 2021 affected firms' hiring
  • What it takes to secure a great candidate in 2022
  • Whether remote and hybrid law offices are here to stay
  • How firms feel about their future
  • The software your firm needs to navigate a new normal
  • And more

Smokeball understands that time is a premium resource for attorneys, especially at small firms. That's why our legal practice management software is built to help you make the most of every minute. If you're inspired to take your firm further in 2022, set up your free, personalized demo today.

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