Law + The Great Resignation: What's Next for America's Law Firms?

COVID-19 and The Great Resignation delivered change and turbulence for the legal profession during the past two years. Smokeball wanted to know: How has technology helped firms navigate hiring, remote work and the day-to-day cultural struggle in the past two years?

Join Dana Moran, Smokeball communications manager, for this free webinar exploring the results of Smokeball's exclusive Law + The Great Resignation survey. Learn how 150 firms with 30 or fewer employees grappled with booming client workloads, suddenly remote office and new technology, emerging stronger and more productive.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the pandemic + Great Resignation for 2021 affected firms' hiring
  • What it takes to secure a great job candidate in 2022
  • The software your firm needs to navigate a new normal
  • and more

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