E-Book - Smokeball's Behind the Times Report

Smokeball's Behind the Times Report

Here's what your law firm is missing without new legal technology

As law firms around the world went remote in 2020, they added new technologies to help them work outside the office. Well, most of them did. 

In Spring 2022, Smokeball surveyed 151 law firms around the country for our exclusive study, “Law + The Great Resignation: What’s Next for America’s Law Firms?” A vast majority (89%) of firms told us they adopted at least one new digital tool in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And they reaped the benefits, taking on more clients, increasing their billable hours and decreasing their overall hours worked. 

But what about the other 11% — those who eschewed new tech in favor of the status quo? 

Cover - Behind the Times Report

This free e-book covers:

  • How failure to adopt new technology affects a law firm's ability to attract clients, retain quality employees and grow the business.
  • Other ways non-tech-savvy firms are behind the times culturally
  • The effects of new technology on the firms who did adopt
  • How your firm can overcome the fear factor of new legal technology

Want more? Learn how to turn a firm-wide crisis into opportunity.

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