Free Download: Smokeball's Job Interview Checklist

Smokeball's Job Interview Checklist

Ask the right questions + hire great law firm candidates

We’ve all been on the other side of the job interview table — nervously (or confidently) answering questions while gauging whether a company or law firm is the right fit.  

Now it’s your turn to conduct the interview. But right now, law firm job candidates can afford to be picky. To help you on your hiring journey, Smokeball assembled this law firm job interview checklist.

A shift in hiring trends can also require a shift in your law firm's mindset. Download Smokeball's Law Firm Hiring Guide to learn about the industry's most in-demand benefits, hybrid workplace success and more. 

Smokeball's 2022 Job Interview Checklist - Cover

This free checklist includes:

  • Questions you may face from candidates
  • Role-specific queries for HR professionals, office managers and more
  • Questions you'll want to ask every candidate
  • And more!

Need more hiring help? Learn where your firm can find high-quality candidates.

Smokeball understands that time is at a premium for attorneys. That's why our legal practice management software is built to help you make the most of every minute. If you're inspired to take your firm further in 2022, set up your free, personalized demo today.

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