Trends, Bottlenecks & Breakthroughs in Family Law

with Nancy Chausow Shafer, Kristie Fingerhut and Lindsey Dean

Family law has changed over the past few years with the increase in venues e-filing, changes in the overall number of filings per year, along with advances in the use of technology.

It can be difficult sometimes to keep up with these changes and the challenges they create within a family law practice.

Learning ways to overcome these obstacles and set boundaries with clients, while also incorporating productive ideas into a successful family practice, may seem difficult but very achievable. During this webinar, you will learn ways to avoid common bottleneck problems, while also finding the very best solutions for handling these issues when they do arise.

This free webinar is presented by Nancy Chausow Shafer, Kristie Fingerhut, and Lindsey Dean.

In this free webinar, you'll learn: 

  • What are some of the trends in family law over the past few years
  • How bottlenecks can develop in family law and ways to overcome them
  • Practical ways to get everyone involved in the case on the same page
  • Effectively tracking your time and effort for each case

We all know how stressful and emotional family law can be at times, but it doesn’t have to be. This webcast is designed to help you overcome the obstacles you may face in family law through these helpful tips and tricks.

You’ll learn what’s trending in family law, different ways on how to leverage technology in your law firm’s favor, while getting a clear understanding of some of the challenges you might face along the way. Smokeball is committed to supplying your firm with industry knowledge and clarity on ways to allow for your business to become more productive and profitable.

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Featured Presenters

Nancy Chausow Shafer

Nancy Chausow Shafer is a principal in the Highland Park IL firm, Sage Counsel, LLC, concentrating in Matrimonial Law, including Litigation, Mediation and Collaboration, also accepting Child Representation and Guardian ad Litem appointments. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and has all the usual SuperLawyer/Leading Lawyer accolades. A focus of her energies is to increase the education of professionals and the public on options for the divorce process and wise (sage) financial decisions, including Collaborative practice. Nancy is a frequent presenter and organizer at CLE programs. Nancy is also the California, Illinois and Minnesota sales rep for Family Law Software.

Kristie Fingerhut

Kristie began her legal career in 2003 as a judicial law clerk in Cook County in the Commercial Calendar of the Law Division and the following year joined an established family law firm in Lake County, Illinois. In 2014, Kristie formed the Law Office of Kristie C. Fingerhut in order to better serve the needs of her clients and family. Four years later, Kristie and her law partner combined forces to establish FW Family Law Group LLC in order to continue to increase the level of service that they can each provide to their clients across Northern Illinois. Kristie is also an elected member of her local elementary Board of Education and an active Girl Scout Troop Leader (and Cookie Mom), so she relies heavily on finding ways to streamline her practice.

Lindsey Dean

Lindsey Dean leads strategic marketing and growth at InfoTrack, where she is focused on exploring and sharing concepts and ideas in accessible and nuanced ways. She has been a writer and researcher in the legal profession for more than 6 years and has authored reports and articles on eFiling, service of process, trends in the legal support field, and more. Every day, tens of thousands of legal professionals use InfoTrack to file court cases, arrange service of process, perform searches, obtain legal information, and more. For over 20 years, InfoTrack has thrived on being relentlessly customer-focused—with multiple awards to show for it. InfoTrack’s core mission is to drive efficiency in every law firm, large or small, with powerful, easy-to-use, and innovative solutions.