It's About Time: Solving Billing to Grow Your Law Firm

Time is the most important factor in your law firm’s success, especially around billing. You bill based on time, you spend time with clients, you decide which cases to take on based on time availability. And most of all: you lose time everyday simply running your business. This free on-demand webinar is designed to solve these problems and give you more time in order to grow your law firm.

This free on-demand webinar is presented by Smokeball’s Andrea Valle, a former attorney and current billing and onboarding expert.

The on-demand video addresses:

  • The most common reasons why firms aren’t billing as much as they should
  • The most common reasons why firms aren’t collecting on their bills
  • How to save hours each day by automating common tasks
  • How to move away from legacy billing systems that aren’t working for you

This time is now. Every minute that your law firm misses billable hours, takes to work through common tasks, and tracks down unpaid bills equates to dollars that could be reinvested into your firm and your employees. Don’t waste another minute. Address your billing problems and start on the road to a more successful business. It’s time; it’s your time.

Watch the webinar now

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Featured Presenter

Andrea Valle

Former Attorney, Current Billing and Onboarding Expert at Smokeball

Andrea Valle is a former attorney who graduated from UIC – John Marshall law school in Chicago. Before joining the Smokeball team she worked at a Personal Injury and Criminal Defense firm downtown Chicago.

Driven by her own experiences she takes pride in consulting with firms nationwide on how to use software to manage and grow their business. As an Onboarding and Billing Specialist at Smokeball, she helps firms modernize their practice and improve their billing process to ensure increased revenue.