How the Most Successful Estate Planning Law Firms Run Their Practice

You can't run a successful estate planning law firm without the right tools. Find out how law firms across the country are reducing administrative tasks, transforming their productivity, and seamlessly collaborating while working remotely or from the office.

From intake to invoice, this webinar is designed to give you a sneak peek of how cloud-based legal software can help you build a better law firm. See why Smokeball users report being less stressed and having happier clients, all while billing almost twice the industry average.

This free webinar covers:

  • How the top estate planning law firms are minimizing stress and maximizing profits
  • How automating your administrative tasks can help you get back to the work that really matters
  • How to finally get organized and streamline your legal practice
  • How Smokeball can help you to bill more without charging your clients more

At Smokeball we're all about community, and as our communities slowly return to normal there's never been a better time to re-imagine your law firm. See how the right practice management software can help your law firm to thrive and better serve your clients in 2021 and beyond.

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