Why Firms Are Billing Less Than They Did 20 Years Ago: How to Reverse the Trend

Think about this: law firms operating without modern technology billed more on average two decades ago than they do now. What happened? And more importantly, how can your firm reverse the trend so that you can get back to billing what you’re worth? This webinar reveals how simply tracking a fee earner’s billable time accurately and automatically can turn your firm’s fortunes around..

This webinar is presented by Smokeball Founder and CEO Hunter Steele.

This webinar addresses:

  • How to bill for an average of an additional 2 hours a day
  • How each fee earner in your law firm can bill approximately $137k a year more
  • How to bill more without charging your clients more
  • Why tracking billable hours is just as important for fixed fee and contingent earners as it is for hourly earners

Underreporting your hard work does you and your firm a disservice. What might sound like a simplistic business pitch isn’t: your law firm likely doesn’t bill for the work it actually provides. This webinar—illustrated by years of data and case studies—explains the billing problem you may not know you have. And, informed with the right information, this webinar will empower you to fix the problem without passing a burden onto your current and new clients.

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Featured Presenter

Hunter Steele

CEO & Founder, Smokeball Case Management Software

Hunter joined Smokeball in 2008, and ten years ago was appointed to Chief Executive Officer, responsible for running both the Sydney and Chicago offices.

With over 21 years’ experience in building legal software, Hunter has a proven track record for pushing the boundaries and delivering innovative software solutions. He holds a Law and Computer Science degree from Bond University.