Trust Yourself with Trust Accounting

Penalties for trust account violations are some of the most common sanctions assessed against attorneys by their state bar. Violating your state bar's trust accounting rules can also subject you to disbarment, civil damages, and criminal charges. Protect yourself (and your firm) by building a strong understanding of the rules and ethical obligations surrounding trust accounts.

Join Jordan Turk, attorney and Smokeball legal technology advisor, for this free webinar. She'll share trust accounting war stories, as well as how to properly manage your trust accounting to stay compliant with your state bar.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The common ethical issues that exist around trust accounting, and how to properly safeguard your clients and third-party property
  • Best practices for maintaining control of your firm's finances
  • When unearned fees paid up front can be deposited directly into your operating account (and whether this is advisable)
  • Strategies to resolve conflicting claims when disputes arise

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