E-Book - The Healthy Remote Lawyer

The Healthy Remote Lawyer: A Guide to Improving Your Mental and Emotional Health

After two years of working from home offices and kitchen tables, it has become clear that remote work is a new reality for the legal profession — for better and for worse. The toll of this strange new world is affecting lawyers in physical, mental and emotional ways that go beyond their life experience. 

This guide is designed to add new tools to your remote-work toolbox, helping you assess your wellbeing, set boundaries and improve your quality of life.  

This free e-book covers:

  • How to adapt to the new technologies of remote work 
  • Burnout: What it looks like and how to manage it   
  • How to use PTO to boost your mental health 
  • Tech tips that actually help you disconnect during non-work hours  
  • Setting communication boundaries for healthy client relationships 

Smokeball is legal practice management software for life. Your life. Our software was built for lawyers by lawyers, and our continuous improvements in features like our content library (18,000+ forms), automatic time-tracking and secure mobile communication are directly informed by clients like you. 

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