Prep Your Law Firm for a More Productive, Profitable 2022

with Mark Petrolis, Smokeball Senior Account Manager and in-house counsel

The start of every new year allows small law firms to reset the way they conduct business. Firms generally make decisions, or behave in ways, that serve three goals: 
  1. Be Profitable  

  2. Serve Clients Ethically & Competently 

  3. Protect the Firm’s Interests 

The end of the year is typically a slower time for most practices, (sorry family and criminal law attorneys). This allows firm management to ask important questions and determine whether changes are needed to achieve the firm's goals in the new year. This free webinar is designed to help you make productive, proactive adjustments to prepare your law firm for 2022.  

With specific key performance indicators in place, backed by corresponding workflows, your law firm will become more profitable and productive. And when you back that dedication with better reputation-management and an amazing referral network, your entire firm will enjoy a more positive, rewarding experience 

Join Mark Petrolis, Smokeball’s In-House Counsel and Senior Account Manager, for a free webinar to help start the new year off right. This session is designed to be eligible for CLE credit* across jurisdictions. 

In addition to one CLE credit (pending approval), you’ll learn how your firm can answer questions like:

  • Should my firm update its rates and/or flat fees?
  • Would it be beneficial to update retainer agreements?
  • Should I add/implement key performance indicators (KPI) to manage my firm? 
  • Is it time to optimize workflows for 2022?
  • How can I better manage my firm’s reputation? 
  • How do I grow and maintain my referral network? 

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CLE Credit Information

To qualify: All live attendees who view this event for 50+ minutes will be eligible for 1.0 CLE credit, pending approval.  

You must attend live. You must view the event for 50+ minutes. You cannot watch the program in a group if you wish to earn CLE credits. If you do choose to watch the event in a group, ensure that you are also logged in on your own personal device, under your log-in credentials, as we will need proof of your attendance. (Though it is highly recommended that you view the event from your own personal device).  

We have applied for CLE credit in Illinois, Texas, Florida, New York, Washington, Nevada, Georgia and California. We can supply materials to be used for additional CLE certification after the webinar.  

*Continuing Education Credits: CLE credit is currently pending for this event.  


Featured Presenter

Mark Petrolis 

JD, Smokeball senior account manager and In-house counsel

Mark Petrolis is a senior account manager and In-house counsel at Smokeball. For most of his legal years he has helped lawyers become more organized, productive, and profitable. Prior to Smokeball, Mark served as firm counsel and business manager for a mid-sized family law firm. Mark is a trained litigator and holds a J.D., from the University of Illinois – Chicago, School of Law and a B.S.E. in Engineering Management from Purdue University.