Key Metrics & Processes for Small Law Success

with Ruchie Chadha, JD, Smokeball president

Success is in your hands. Small law firms are the backbone of our legal community. It is important to dedicate as much to your business practices as you do to your clients.

Smokeball also understands that time is a finite resource, especially at small law firms. Tracking metrics and using them to inform your best practices is an efficient way to improve your business strategy while also supporting your clients.

But with so many numbers at their disposal, how can attorneys accurately identify the most important metrics? And what can they do with those numbers?

This session is designed to shine some light on those critical questions.


In this free webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Some of the most common metrics tracked by small law firms 
  • Challenges with tracking these metrics and new matters
  • New or improved ways of tracking metrics at small law firms
  • Ways to create a better more consistent workflow optimization process 
  • New processes a small law firm can implement to drive success
  • Ways to get started, and key takeaways

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Featured Presenter

Ruchie Chadha

JD, Smokeball president

Ruchie Chadha is president of Smokeball, the industry's No. 1 legal practice management software. In her role at the Chicago-based company, she oversees the product, marketing, sales and client teams. Prior to joining Smokeball, Ruchie practiced family law in the Chicagoland area. She has firsthand experience identifying inefficiencies and areas of opportunity within the case management lifecycle. Combining her background and the power of technology, Ruchie now focuses on delivering innovative solutions to lawyers so they can better serve their clients and build healthier businesses.