Emotional Intelligence:

A Lawyer's Guide to Improving Well-being in the Workplace and Beyond

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - the ability to understand and manage your own and others' emotions - plays a significant role in the success and satisfaction of individuals. Yet within the legal professions, EQ skills are not often discussed or learned. Due to the high-stress, relationship-based nature of legal work though, it's extremely important that legal professionals take the time to develop high EQ.


Join this free webinar with lawyer-turned-psychotherapist Chelsy Castro and learn how to increase your EQ. With her help, you'll cultivate skills that improve your communication, enhance your relationships and equip you to be more effective, compassionate leader at your law firm.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What Emotional Intelligence is and why it matters
  • The role of Emotional Intelligence in the context of the legal profession
  • How to identify opportunities for practicing skills that increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Tools and techniques to increase your Emotional Intelligence


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