E-Book - Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software

Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software

Changing the way your firm works can feel overwhelming. You've managed cases, communicated with clients and organized your billing the same way for years. But now that your firm is working in a hybrid or remote environment, and client expectations for technology are growing, staying up to date is no longer optional. It's a requirement.

Stuck and unable to move forward with transforming your law firm's technology? This guide will help you navigate the process.

Don’t let analysis paralysis keep your firm from becoming more productive and efficient, or even worse, keep you from competently serving your clients in today’s tech-based environment.

Cover - Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software

This free e-book covers:

  • The legal and monetary costs of technology non-adoption
  • How firms can overcome the roadblocks of change
  • Concrete action plans for planning, implementing and supporting your legal software change

Smokeball’s cloud-based legal case management software helps your law firm become more productive and profitable. Our all-in-one platform automatically tracks your team’s entire day, ensuring you’re paid for every minute you practice. Smokeball’s built-in reporting provides an actionable snapshot of your profitability. And our library of 20,000+ pre-loaded forms and robust Microsoft Office integration allow staff to complete documents with a few clicks. We help you run your best firm — so you can focus on helping more people and earning more money.  

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