Get Paid Faster with Automated Billing and Payments: Step-by-Step and At-A-Glance

Get Paid Faster with Automated Billing and Payments

Step-by-Step and At-A-Glance

At its core, Smokeball's legal billing software and payments feature automatic drafting, sending, and collecting payments on legal invoices. Smokeball Auto Time automatically tracks the time you spend working on your matters in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word platforms. Then Smokeball automatically pulls these time-tracking records into an invoice you can send to your clients with just a few clicks.

In this step-by-step and at-a-glance guide you’ll learn pro tips for:

  • Managing your law firm invoices with ease and accuracy
    • From drafting to reviewing and editing to finalizing
  • Client communications in the legal invoicing and billing process
    • Sending invoices
    • Reminding clients about outstanding balances
    • Giving full transparency with eInvoices
  • Payment automations that take the heavy lift off of both your legal team and clients
    • ACH and credit cards
    • Payment plans
    • Evergreen retainers and trust accounts


Smokeball is the industry’s leading cloud-based legal practice management software. Our all-in-one platform automatically records time spent on each matter, so you earn more without working more. Regardless of how you bill, Smokeball provides you with the insights and tools to easily Run Your Best Firm. 

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