Expect the Unexpected: Disaster Planning and Recovery for Your Law Firm


Your law firm can't always anticipate a disaster - but you can prepare your response well in advance. Protect your firm against natural or manmade disasters, from hurricanes to office fires, by planning ahead.

This CLE webinar is designed to help lawyers prepare for a disaster, execute a plan of action in the moment and resume practicing as quickly as possible. "Disaster" isn't limited to freak weather events; lawyers need to also be prepared for unexpected illnesses or health crises, as well as cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

Join Jordan Turk, attorney and Smokeball legal technology advisor, for this free CLE webinar. She'll share how you can best prepare and respond to disasters, with an emphasis on upholding your ethical obligations to your clients and to your firm.

In this free CLE webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Ethical issues surrounding natural and manmade disasters
  • How to properly protect confidential information during unexpected events
  • Best practices for restoring and rebuilding your workspace
  • Tips for mitigating the impact of future disasters

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