What is Case Management Software?

Today’s law firms need the right Case Management Software. But what does this technology help your practice accomplish?  And with more options than ever before, what digital tools and features do you need to run your best firm?  

Download our free e-book, "What is Case Management Software?" to learn how and why law firm technology has evolved and what components add up to great case management software. 

What is Case Management Software?

This free e-book covers:

  • The history of law firm technology
  • The benefits of using case management software
  • What features and functionality to look for in software
  • And more!

Smokeball is the industry’s leading cloud-based legal practice management software. Our all-in-one platform automatically records time spent on each matter, so you can earn more without working more — regardless of how you bill. Smokeball’s library of 20,000+ pre-loaded forms and robust Microsoft Office integration allow staff to complete documents with a few clicks. Smokeball provides you with the insights and tools to easily Run Your Best Firm. 

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