E-Book - The Solo and Small Firm Billing Problem

The Solo and Small Firm Billing Problem

Multiple large-scale studies show that fee earners in small law firms are billing, on average, only 2.5 hours per day. Outlandish, right? Many attorneys work 12-hour days — how could they only bill for two of them?

Smokeball set out to learn: Are fee-earners really only billing 2.5 hours a day? And if so, how can we solve the problem?

Cover - The Solo and Small Firm Billing Problem

This free guide covers:

  • How fee-earners can bill an additional 2 hours a day, on average
  • How each fee earner in your law firm can bill an additional $137,000 per year
  • How to bill more without charging your clients more
  • Why tracking billable hours is just as important for fixed fee and contingent earners as it is for hourly firms

Smokeball’s cloud-based legal case management software helps your law firm become more productive and profitable. Our all-in-one platform automatically tracks your team’s entire day, ensuring you’re paid for every minute you practice. Smokeball’s built-in reporting provides an actionable snapshot of your profitability. And our library of 20,000+ pre-loaded forms and robust Microsoft Office integration allow staff to complete documents with a few clicks. We help you run your best firm — so you can focus on helping more people and earning more money.  

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