E-Book - Guide to Law Firm Succession Planning

Essential Guide to Law Firm Succession Planning

Your law firm deserves a solid legacy. You’ve built a successful law firm that deserves to last past the departure of key employees. Don’t let your life’s work go to waste; start succession planning today to put your team in a great position for tomorrow. Smokeball’s e-book, "The Essential Guide to Law Firm Succession Planning," puts planning for the future into perspective.

This free e-book covers:

  • Why succession planning should start now
  • What problems arise without a plan
  • How succession planning benefits you today
  • And much more

Smokeball is legal case management software for life. Your life. Our software was built for lawyers by lawyers, and our continual improvements in features like our content library (20,000+ forms), automatic time-tracking, and secure mobile communication come directly from clients like you. Smokeball has all of your solutions, rolled into one.

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