E-Book - Guide for Law Firms with Remote or Hybrid Work Environments

Guide for Law Firms with Remote or Hybrid Work Environments

First Covid-19 changed everything, then The Great Resignation reinforced those changes for the long-haul. Law firms are embracing remote or hybrid work because it works well when your lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants are supported in being able to collaborate, meet deadlines and deliver results from anywhere

This brief guide will walk you through the software solutions and processes needed to run your best remote or hybrid firm. We include specifications around the technology to interact with colleagues and clients, and how to best approach client relations as they adjust to this new mode of remote legal services. You’ve got questions and Smokeball is here to help you with this essential guide. 

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This free e-book covers:

  • What essential technology you need to communicate with colleagues and clients 
  • What concerns current and potential clients may have about a remote law firm 
  • How this current move can prepare you for success in a virtual world  
  • What you need to know about moving your data to the cloud 

Smokeball’s cloud-based legal case management software helps your law firm become more productive and profitable. Our all-in-one platform automatically tracks your team’s entire day, ensuring you’re paid for every minute you practice. Smokeball’s built-in reporting provides an actionable snapshot of your profitability. And our library of 20,000+ pre-loaded forms and robust Microsoft Office integration allow staff to complete documents with a few clicks. We help you run your best firm — so you can focus on helping more people and earning more money.  

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