E-Book - Future of Law

Future of Law: What to expect in the "new normal" of the legal field

Many lawyers were caught off-guard by changes in 2020, but you don’t have to be. Law firms and courts went dark and then went virtual, and clients and new associates quickly followed with new assumptions and expectations. This free e-book lays out the biggest forthcoming changes to the legal field, some of which are already on the horizon.

This free e-book covers:

  • What tactics law firms are using to reopen
  • What virtual courts will and won’t allow
  • What the future of law school and the bar exam looks like
  • What expectations of WFH, cloud-based law, etc. are here to stay

The “new normal” may have been instigated by crisis and drastic changes in early 2020, but you and your law firm can easily adapt to the “new success” by preparing, adjusting, and working differently in the second part of the year. Smokeball can help. The future is now.

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