Double Your Billable Hours, Work Less

Law firms are billing less and working more than they did 20 years ago. The work performed has become more complex, communication expectations have increased and mixed flat-fee, contingency and hourly-rate billing have all made it too hard.

Multiple studies have come to the same sobering fact: most fee earners only bill approximately 2 hours a day. How are firms to provide a great service, produce good results and build great businesses when they are only billing for 25% of the day? Fortunately, there is a solution!

This free guide covers:

  • How to bill for an average of an additional 2 hours a day
  • How each fee earner in your law firm can bill approximately $137k a year more
  • How to bill more without charging your clients more
  • Why tracking billable hours is just as important for fixed fee and contingent earners as it is for hourly earners

Underreporting your hard work does you and your firm a disservice. What might sound like a simplistic business pitch isn't: your law firm likely doesn't bill for the work it actually does. This guide—supported by years of data and case studies—explains the billing problem you may not know you have. And, informed with the right information, this guide empowers you to fix the problem without passing a burden onto your current and new clients.

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