E-Book - Choosing the Right Remote Cloud

Choosing the Right Remote Cloud

Only the law firms whose employees and data is on the cloud will survive the current disruption caused by COVID-19. However, not all cloud systems are created alike. Is your law firm using the “right” cloud to work remotely and securely store your client data?

Don’t worry. This free guide will answer the question for you.

While many of us use cloud-based software on our phones and laptops to access email, calendars, and our favorite apps, law firms require cloud software that is more stable and secure. However, many inexpensive cloud platforms sound good, but ultimately don’t deliver. We’ve designed this guide to ensure that you only entrust your firm to a cloud platform that protects you, your colleagues, and your clients from further disruption.

This free e-book covers:

  • Clear explanations of what the cloud is and isn’t
  • The difference between a hybrid cloud and a web-based cloud platform
  • An overview of why law firms need an integrated SaaS (software as a service) platform
  • A checklist of the features that your law firm should demand out of any cloud service

Every law firm needs to be on the cloud. As the only fully integrated hybrid cloud case management software, Smokeball covers law firms at every step: securely backing up client data, allowing employees to work from home, and integrating everyday apps like Word and Outlook so that you don’t have to click a dozen open windows to perform a single function. Smokeball is your all-in-one solution.

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