E-Book - 21 Days to Healthier Practice

21 Days to a Healthier Practice

Personal Health for Professional Strength

Studies say lawyers are some of the least healthy people in the world. The demands of the job make it almost impossible to keep on top of your physical and mental health – or so you thought. Smokeball’s e-book, “21 Days to a Healthier Practice” by Dr. Jordan Leasure, will take you through attorney wellness and making your health a priority.

This free e-book covers:

  • Physical wellness tips for the busiest people
  • Mental health exercises and stress management
  • Nutrition tips to remember on the go
  • And much more

Smokeball is the leader in legal case management software, offering key features like powerful document automation, seamless Word and Outlook integrations, and automatic time tracking that help run your firm with less stress and more success.

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