The Tech-Stacked Firm Report

The Tech-Stacked Firm Report

How Technology is Changing the Legal Industry in 2023

Smokeball surveyed 200 law firms with 50 or fewer staff to discover how technology has changed their work. In this report, we share our findings about how law firms use technology today, which tools and platforms are most popular in various areas of law or functions within the legal team, and what’s changed in the last three years over the course of the pandemic, the Great Resignation and the current recession. 

Then, we’ll dig into how to build your tech-stacked firm with helpful charts and comparisons to help you decide which platforms best fit your needs.

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In this legal industry report, you’ll receive: 

Legal technology isn’t just a stopgap or a temporary solution. It’s the new standard, and a properly tech-enabled law firm will be the way of life moving forward.  

So exactly how have legal professionals changed their approach to technology lately? Download the report to learn. 

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