How to Improve Efficiency and Productivity to Grow Your Law Firm

Running a small law firm is no easy feat – there are constant concerns about bringing in revenue, organizing client documents and files, hiring and more. Thankfully, legal technology tools can help law firms not only serve their clients better and more consistently, but also automate and streamline many processes to drive more revenue for their firm.  

Join Emma Raimi-Zlatic, director of strategic partnerships and events at Smokeball, for this free webinar session. You’ll gain the tips and tools your firm needs — this year and beyond — to achieve greater success and productivity.  

In this free webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How document automation, practice management, workflow automation and e-filing technology benefit law firms 
  • The importance of using legal technology to create quality assurance measures  
  • How technology can assist firms with fulfilling their ethical obligations while also keeping them efficient and profitable  
  • Tools and processes to help firms increase productivity and grow revenue 

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Featured Presenter

Emma Raimi-Zlatic

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Events at Smokeball

Emma is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Events at Smokeball, the leading legal practice management software for small law firms. Having had nearly a decade of experience in tech and the legal field, she distinctly understands the needs of legal professionals and has spoken on many occasions about law firm growth, legal technology, and cybersecurity. As a JD herself who previously founded her own attorney recruiting company and has worked in legal technology for 4+ years, she is passionate about helping firms grow from the ground up. Before Smokeball she also worked at an international trusts & estates law firm, as well as for startups in Silicon Valley. She resides in Los Angeles, and can be reached on LinkedIn at