How to Increase Efficiency by Streamlining Medical Record Retrieval

Medical records retrieval is an essential — and especially challenging — part of any legal matter involving injuries. Each provider has a different way of requesting records, and hunting down and tracking outstanding requests eats up valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

Learn how Smokeball’s practice management software works with YoCierge, a nationwide medical record retrieval system, to automate the retrieval process and give your team hours back in their day.

In this free webinar, Smokeball Senior Trainer Sara Sultan, YoCierge Founder George Bessenyei, Injury Attorney Zach Meeks, of Meek Impact Law, and Sette Law Paralegal Kristine Stapleton will share:

  • The why and how behind the Smokeball-YoCierge integration
  • How to keep track of your medical record requests in Smokeball
  • The latest on medical record retrieval, including deadlines and charging for records
  • and more

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