Free Download: Your Smokeball 2022 Business Development Cheat Sheet

Your Smokeball 2022 Business Development Cheat Sheet

A step-by-step guide to brainstorming, organizing and delegating your law firm's business development

You hung a shingle to practice law your way. You take on cases that matter to you, build your reputation and achieve success you can take pride in. At some point along the way, though, you realized you’re not just running a law firm — you’re running a business.

Your business is service, and structures that support you in working smarter are the best way to provide excellent service to your clients. To help you build those structures, Smokeball assembled this checklist of business development to-dos.

This free checklist includes:

  • The most important data to inform your business development
  • SMART goals, and how to develop them
  • The critical KPIs your firm should consider (or re-evaluate) 
  • How to revise your business plan over time
  • And more!

Smokeball understands that time is at a premium for attorneys. That's why our legal practice management software is built to help you make the most of every minute. If you're inspired to take your firm further in 2022, set up your free, personalized demo today.

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